Webcomics You Should Read

XKCD                  —                  http://www.xkcd.com

Romance! Sarcasm! Math! Language! Seriously, if you don’t read this yet, why the fuck not?

Questionable Content                  —                  http://www.questionablecontent.net

Addictive, long-running indie rock soap opera with science fiction elements. ‘nuff said.

Hipster Hitler                  —                  http://www.hipsterhitler.com

Really, the name says it all. Hitler drawing with stencils. Hitler playing Pac-Man. Hitler starting the Beer Hall Putsch because the beer hall doesn’t serve PBR.

Chaospet                  —                  http://www.chaospet.com

Lots of zombies, lots of stabbing, lots of philosophy jokes. Lots of reasons to recommend it besides the fact that Ryan takes half of his damn comics from conversations with me.


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