(From Tina Connelly’s Clarion West Class of 2006)

  • “After October”, forthcoming in Giganotosaurus and Podcastle.
  • “Smokestacks Like The Arms Of Gods”, Podcastle, 30 Mar 2010. Reprinted inJenny, Fall 2010.
  • “Broken in the Shadow of Mind”, Afterburn SF, Feb 2010.
  • “The Time Traveler”, free to read at Thaumatrope, 1 Jan 2010.
  • “Five Weird Things”, flash, free podcast at Starship Sofa, 21 Oct 2009.
  • “Dark Coffee, Bright Light and the Paradoxes of Omnipotence”, free to read atAtomjack, Oct 2009. Forthcoming in People of the Book ed. Rachel Swirsky and Sean Wallace, Prime Books.
  • “The True Meaning of K-Day, free to read at Diet Soap, 27 Nov 2008.
  • “Sing, Goddess, Sing Me To The Stars”, Flytrap #10, Nov 2008. Abridged podcast plus interview in Diet Soap, 30 Sept 2009. (CW Week 4 Story)
  • “T-Shirts, Tentacles and the Melting Point of Steel”, free read, Atomjack, Aug 2008.
  • “Of Rum, Madness, Thunderstorms, and Prayer”, free read, Atomjack, Nov 2007.
  • “Three Perspectives on the Role of the Anarchists in the Zombie Apocalypse”,Afterburn SF, July 2007. Reprinted and free to read in Tales of the Zombie Wars, 2008 2nd place.
  • “David and His Zebra”, free to read at Revolution SF, 1st place, Nov 2006. (CW Week 6 Story)
  • “Dreaming of a Gray Enemy”, Afterburn SF, May 2006. (CW Submission Story)
  • “The Star Inside the Swastika”, free read, Dragons, Knights, and Angels, Jan 2006.
  • “How to Light a Cigar”, Walking Bones, Nov 2005.

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