Sale (and Two Reprints!)

Korea’s been fun. (Also crazy-busy, but definitely fun.) And I should update this journal more. Meanwhile, though:

I just sold my short story “After October” to GigaNotoSaurus, where it should go live on June 1st……

….and to Podcastle, where it’ll be “reprinted” shortly thereafter! That one-two punch makes me just ridiculously happy.

And, speaking of Podcastle, my story Smokestacks Like the Arms of Gods, which was published there in March, has been reprinted in the very first issue of Jenny, the brand spankin’ new magazine of the student literary society that Christopher Barzak advises at Youngstown State.

(The name comes from the nickname of the Jeannette Blast Furnace, referred to that way in, for example, the Boss’ song “Youngstown,” which I listened to many times while writing the story. That connection is one of many that makes me particularly happy to have made it into this particular magazine.)

I won’t say anything much about what “After October” is about, except to note that this guy…..

….makes an appearance.


~ by benburgistest on December 3, 2010.

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